Dear Dance Instructor:


The lights go down and the gentle murmur of the audience fades to silence.


Behind the curtain stands your dancers, hearts pounding, ears straining to hear the first few notes of music that will set them free. They’ve worked hard for this moment…and so have you.


All for the love of dance.


At Starmaker Designs, we feel blessed to live in a world of dance. A world that was first created by our mother, Lore Ayotte, and now continues with us, her daughters.


From dancing and performing to choreographing and judging, we’ve been fortunate to travel throughout the United States pursuing our passion. Now as dance instructors and mothers ourselves, we cherish the opportunity…just as you do…to instill in other young people the joy, self-confidence, and satisfaction that can only come from dancing.


With Starmaker Designs, we’ve combined our love of dance with our love of design.The result? Costumes that move fluidly with your dancers without sacrificing the perfect fit. This year’s collection includes more for your youngest dancers, as well as a colorful, fun and unique collection that captures the character of any style of dance you choose.


And, we’ve done it all without giving up the quality and affordability you’ve come to expect from Starmaker Designs. All of our costumes are made in America and can be made to order based upon your specifications.


Give us a call today 877 411-8082 to discuss how we can help make your next recital or performance one they will always remember.



Rebecca and Suzanne

Rebecca and Suzanne
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